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Converting from Old PayPal Buttons to New Shopping Feature (NEW)

If you had added PayPal buttons to your website before about March 17, 2017, you were using our old PayPal button insertion tool.  It suffered from being hard to edit and had some interaction issues with our Content Editor so we created a whole new shopping system.

To address these issues, we created a whole new shopping feature.  This feature can be broken down into 3 components.

Sitewide Configuration

Basic configuration of this new shopping system can be found under the Shop tab of your website administration system and must be set up before this feature will work correctly on your website.

Purchase Buttons on Gallery Works

Once you have set up your basic configuration, you can then go into each gallery image and configure how and if it should be made available for sale.

If you had added a lot of PayPal buttons using the old system, the good news is that you don't have to go in and replace all of those buttons all at once.  You can configure the new Shop feature and then you can incrementally replace the old PayPal buttons as you feel a need to.  The configuration options set up on the Shop page of your Administration will not affect the old PayPal buttons.

Other Purchase Buttons

When you want to put up a purchase button for something other than your Gallery Works somewhere else on your website, you can Insert a Purchase Button anywhere you can edit content via the Content Editor.

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