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Inserting a Purchase Button (NEW)

It is possible to add a Purchase Button into a variety of pages on your website.  When using the content editor you will find the Purchase Button tool (see below):

Clicking the "P" icon will popup the following properties page:

Purchase Button Dialog

Provide the description of the item as well as the cost.  You can include the Pricing Options just like you can for works in your Gallery.  

The Alignment radio buttons allow you to have your button show up left or right justified or centered with respect to the content that you are editing.

Once you have saved your information by pressing the OK button, you will see a simple "Purchase" button inserted into your content.  That button will automatically be replaced with the Buy Now or Add to Cart buttons that are configured on your Shop page in your Administration Panel

(Please note that you must configure your buttons and other information on the Shop page of your Administration Panel for your buttons to work properly!)

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