ArtSites Updates

This week, I got an email from ArtSites artist, Alana Kapell, asking me the following:

Is it possible for you to give links to a few of your artists who are using PayPal buttons on their websites?

I am curious how they are using them.

I thought that some of you might find my answer and examples helpful.

So, today, I'm going to talk a little bit about PayPal buttons and how some artists are using them.

(For more detailed PayPal information and how-to's, I'd definitely recommend that you listen to our PayPal Workshop Recording and/or check out our Inserting PayPal Buttons Tutorial. )

Now, onto How to Use PayPal buttons on Your Website ...

As with most website features, there are many different ways to use PayPal buttons ;-)

So, today, I'm going to highlight a few artists that I think are doing nice jobs!

I'd first like to highlight ... Danièle Lemieux

Danièle has created an "Online Sales" page (see below) where she posts smaller, original and fixed priced ($250) paintings for visitors to buy.

Danièle Lemieux - Online Sales Page
(click to go to webpage)

Visitors can simply click on any image and each painting has a PayPal "Buy Now" button
(see image below).

Pinata Apple by Danièle Lemieux - Online Sales
(click to see webpage)

This is a great use of the PayPal button because Danièle only has to put PayPal buttons on a limited number of paintings and the price is fixed for all of them, i.e. $250.

In addition to her webpage, Danièle ALSO sends out a "Newsletter", every time she adds a few new paintings to her Online Sales page!

This makes sure that potential buyers are kept up-to-date with her latest online sale paintings and also gets them back to her website to perhaps see what else may be new. (Very clever! ;-)

Danièle also has a How to Buy My Art page that explains what her pricing is and how to view and/or buy her artwork through galleries.

Danièle has done a great job creating a clear and open way for visitors to find and buy her art! :-)

Similar to Danièle, Pilar Mehlis has also created a "Limited Edition Prints" page.

Pilar Mehlis - Limited Edition Prints
(click to go to webpage)

Once again, there are only a few PayPal buttons Pilar has to manage and it provides a convenient way for anyone who wants to buy a "Limited Edition Print".

And, finally, there's Abdul Mamoon's Art Corner ...

Abdul has included PayPal buttons in most of his image descriptions (see below).

Abdul Mamoon's Art Corner - Landscapes Gallery
(click to go to the webpage)

This is obviously the MOST convenient solution for your online visitors!

However, depending on the number of images you have, this can be quite tedious, i.e. entering different prices for each piece of art.

That said, if you have lots of artwork and/or lots of variation in your prices, you may want to talk about your pricing policies and payment options in general terms.

And, guess what?!

Today's Flashback Friday Post (see below) specifically talks about how to "generally" put pricing information on your website. ;-)

And, just to get you started, I thought you might like some links to a few ArtSites examples ... :-)

You may also want to check out our Tutorial on How to Create Another Webpage, e.g. a "Pricing" page , which will show you how to create any additional "Pricing", "Payment", or even "Shipping" page! ;-)

Whew! That was a long post, but I do hope you found it helpful! ;-)

As always, if you have any more questions, please just let us know!

And, don't forget to check out our post below on How to Talk About Prices Generally and What Pricing Information You Should Put on Your Website!

Wishing you many new online purchases! :-D