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Common Web Browser Elements
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Over the past few weeks, I've received a few emails from artists who did not know how to send me a link to their images on their website.

So, today, I thought I would show you where you can find the link (a.k.a. URL) for any of your online image pages.

The most important "concept" you need to understand is where your "Address Bar" is in your web browser.

Since each web browser looks slightly different, I thought I'd show you several screenshots of the same web page in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

All of the images below are for:
(you may want to click on the above link to see which of the following images most closely matches the web browser you're using on your computer.)

Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer 11 Address Bar
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Chrome Address Bar
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Firefox Address Bar
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Safari Address Bar
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Now, that you know where your Address Bar is, here's how you get the link to the page:

  1. Click inside your Address Bar
  2. Highlight the ENTIRE web page address, e.g.
    (You can do this easily by simultaneously pressing Ctrl and A (PC) or Command and A (Mac) on your keyboard)
  3. Copy the highlighted text
    (Again, the keyboard shortcut is Ctrl and C (PC) or Command and C (Mac) )
  4. Now, you can Paste your link in an email, in your social networks, etc.
    (The keyboard shortcut for Paste is Ctrl and V (PC) or Command and V (Mac) )

Congratulations, it's that simple!

So, now whenever someone asks for a link to an image on your website, send them directly to the appropriate page!

Happy sharing! :-D