ArtSites Updates

In the past couple of weeks, Geoff and I have been asked a few times if we will host a website for an artist collective or group. The simple answer is YES!

And, since we only charge per website (not per artist ;-), there aren't any additional fees! ;-)

We find that this a great solution for groups with artists starting out who may not have a large portfolio.

Or, even for those who'd like to showcase their work as part of a larger group or art event / fair / studio tour, etc!

In any case, we simply wanted to let everyone know that we do offer this service and here are a few examples of groups:

Now, it's entirely possible that I've forgotten some! :-( And, my sincere apologies in advance!

That said, please let me know if your group should be on this list as we're starting to compile a list of artist groups / collectives that we can use whenever we get asked this question! ;-)

Thanks to ALL the artists groups who do such AMAZING work! :-)