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Upload Multiple Images

You can upload multiple JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) images to your website.
(And, please make sure to use RGB colors (NOT CMYK). Unfortunately, there are some browsers that will not display CMYK JPEGs.)

Here are the instructions on how to upload multiple images at once.
(Please note we recommend saving your images with your desired Titles, e.g. Poppies in the Field.jpeg. When we upload multiple files, we automatically look at the file name and will create a title from it. Therefore, if your files already have the titles you want, it will minimize the details you need to enter in later.)

Internet Explorer does not support multiple file uploads so only one file at a time can be uploaded.


  1. Go to the 'Image' tab in your Administration Panel
  2. Under Image Library, click on the 'Upload Multiple Images' link
  3. Select a Gallery where these images will go (see below).
    Upload Multiple Images to Which Galleries
    If you leave the default, 'No Gallery', the images will simply end up in your Image Library and you can decide later where to place them.
  4. Click on the 'Choose Files' or 'Browse' button (depends on your browser)
  5. To select one or more image files:
    • On a PC, hold down the CTRL key while clicking on file names
    • On a Mac, hold down the COMMAND (⌘) key while clicking on file names
    • Press the 'Open' or 'Choose' button when done selecting files
    • Make sure that all files are JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) image files
    • The total size of all the uploaded image files must be less than 100 megabytes
    • A maximum of 25 files can be uploaded at a time
  6. When your upload is completed, you will end up back in your Image Library and your new images will be added in the top, left-hand positions.



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