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Yahoo! Mail

As part of the ArtSites service, we create email addresses using your "official" domain name. We then forward any messages sent to those email addresses to an email address of your choice. However, if you want to reply using your "official" email address, you will need to make a few changes to your email setup and preferences. Here are the instructions on how to create "alias" email addresses, using Yahoo! Mail.

Setting Up Your "Official" Email Address in Yahoo! Mail

  1. Click on Gear icon (see below) in upper right corner of the browser window
  2. Select "Mail Options" (see red square below)
    Yahoo Gear icon and Drop Down Options
  3. Select "Mail Accounts" (see below)
    Yahoo Mail Options

  4. Click "+Add" (see above)
  5. Enter Account Name and Email Address and click "Continue"
    Yahoo Add Account Dialog Box 1
  6. Click "Skip this, setup to Send only" (see red square below)
    Yahoo Add Account Dialog 2
    Yahoo Add Account Email Being Sent Dialog
  7. When you receive the "Verify this email address" email message, click on the Verify.
    (However, you may NOT need to verify your new email address.)
    Read the email closely and follow the instructions!
  8. Your new email should be setup once it's verified and confirmed.

To Send or Respond to an Email with your New Email Address

  1. Simply click on the email address next to "From" and 
  2. Select the appropriate email address

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