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Make Sure You Have the Proper Image Licensing Rights

Instead of lots of text, I decided to use several visuals to help you understand whether you have the proper rights to use an image!
(And, please note that these rules apply to "Stock Photos", as well!)

To start off, here is an overview of the basic copyright categories:

Based on the above, here are a few resources for Public Domain content:

And, here are some resources for Creative Commons images and media:

And since I'm often confused by the Creative Commons "icons", here's a nice chart that explains what each of them means & how you can use the content ;-)

Now, if you want more specifics, here's a very detailed workflow that should further help you understand your rights:

As you know, we're not lawyers! So, if you have specific questions, it may make sense to check with a lawyer! ;-)

That said, hopefully, this will help you better understand the basic categories and how you can share content legally!

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