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Add Statcounter Statistics to Your Website

ArtSites provides you with some basic statistics. However, there are many other services that provide much more detail. Once such service is The following tutorial shows you how to setup a account and embed your 'code' or 'snippet' into your ArtSites website. (If you already have a account, you can skip to Step 5.)


  1. First, you'll need to setup a Statcounter account.
  2. Go to
  3. Fill in the fields and check the 'terms and conditions' check box (see below)
    Statcounter Signup Step 1
  4. Click on the 'Create Account' button.
  5. (If you already have a Statcounter account, login and select 'Add a Project' from your 'Home' menu)
  6. You will now add a new 'Project', which will be your ArtSites website. Fill in the fields (see below)
    1. For your 'Project URL', use the domain name associated with your ArtSites website, e.g.
    2. Your 'Project Title' will automatically be populated, but you can overwrite this if you want.
    3. Click on the 'Invisible Tracking' button (see red circle below)
    4. Select the frequency of email reports you would like to get and enter the email address(es) of the people who should receive them
  7. Statcounter Signup Step 2
  8. Click the 'Add Project' button
  9. You will now see a long list of Installation Guides (see below)
  10. Click on the 'Default Installation Guide' (circled in red below)
  11. Statcounter Signup Step 3a
  12. You can use the 'Standard' snippet (see below).
  13. Click on the 'Copy to Clipboard' icon (circled in red below). The icon will change to 'Copied!' once you've successfully copied the code.
  14. Statcounter Signup Step 3b
  15. You are now finished with
  16. Please note that you will also receive an email with the code if you want to copy and paste it later. To copy the code from the email"
    • Highlight the code snippet (just between the lines) in the email and do ONE of the following:
      • Type (at the same time) either Ctrl+C (PC) or Command ⌘+C (Mac)
      • Or, hit the 'Copy' icon in your Email program
      • Or, right-click your mouse over the highlighted text and select 'Copy'.
  1. Now, go and log into your ArtSites Administration Panel
  2. Click on the 'Statistics' Tab
  3. Click in the text box beneath the 'External Statistical Analysis' (see below). The box will get highlighted (blue) and your cursor will start blinking in the box.
    ArtSites External Stat Code Input Box
  4. You can either right-click with your mouse and select 'Paste' or use Ctrl-V (PC) or ⌘-V (Mac) to paste your code snippet.
  5. Be sure to click the 'Update' buton to save your code!


You will now have access to more statistics and details about your visitors, etc. Enjoy!


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